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To help you read and learn, here are several books worth getting...And with our association with Amazon, you get very low prices and easy ordering - plus, Amazon pays the Drug Action Network for every book you buy!

We all need to learn and understand the truth behind the War On Drugs, and spread that information to everyone we know.

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Shattered Lives -
Portraits From America's Drug War

By Mikki Norris, Virginia Resner, Chris Conrad

Shattered Lives is a must - a wake-up call to every American. The book is beautifully designed with photographs and stories of ordinary people caught in the web of drug war excesses. Show it to people who think we need a drug war! Compare the 'crimes' with the punishments. See how freedom and justice vanish from America. For each person caught, a whole family suffers. (comment by Clifton Thorton, Efficacy, November 1998)

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Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed -
and What We Can Do About it

By Superior Court Judge James Gray

The single most important book on the drug war! As provocative and topical as the film Traffic, here's a scathing jeremiad against the war on drugs, notable both for the author's position and for the sustained anger of its argument. Following his career as a federal prosecutor and a trial judge, Gray, now a California Superior Court justice, is struck by the revelation that the so-called war on drugs was "wasting unimaginable amounts of our tax dollars, increasing crime and despair and severely and unnecessarily harming people's lives... the worst of all worlds." (comment from Publishers Weekly)

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Drug War
By Dan Russell

Anyone who wants to understand the real issues raised by drugs and the drug war cannot afford to bypass this seminal work. At 675 pages, it's very complete - an important reference for all drug warriors!

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Drug Crazy
By Mike Gray

Drug Crazy is a scathing indictment of America's decades-long "war on drugs," an expensive and hypocritical folly which has essentially benefited only two classes of people: professional anti-drug advocates and drug lords.

Did you know that a presidential commission determined that marijuana is neither an addicitve substance nor a "stepping stone" to harder drugs ... only to have President Nixon shelve the embarrassing final report and continue the government's policy of inflated drug addiction statistics? Did you know that several medical experts agree that "cold turkey" methods of withdrawal are essentially ineffective and recommend simply prescribing drugs to addicts ... and that communities in which this has been done report lower crime rates and reduced unemployment among addicts as a result?

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Drug War Addiction
By Sheriff Bill Masters

Sheriff Bill Masters fought the "Drug War". He was good at it. He even won an award from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Through his real-world experiences as a law officer, Masters concluded drug prohibition must be repealed. He discovered the drug war is itself an addiction, more damaging to the fabric of American society than drugs could ever be.

Sheriff Masters argues police should spend their time getting violent criminals off the streets. He also seeks cultural renewal in our nation by returning to the principles of personal responsibility, simple laws, and limited government.

A book that explains it all in simple terms and short stories from the front lines of America's #1 policy disaster.
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